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Established 2019

We are a friendly group of agents that have compassion for the elderly. Having the heart of social workers, we strive to advocate for seniors and their healthcare needs.  We help educate and explain your Medicare and healthcare options thoroughly.  Whether you are new to Medicare, or a current beneficiary, we are here to answer your questions and service your needs.  We try to make sure you are getting the best benefits for you.  And we are actively updating our knowledge in the industry and helping our clients gain access to what they are entitled.   We help with government programs, and help cover high cost prescriptions drugs.  When we help you enroll, you get a knowledgeable agent who is there for you.  We keep in touch when necessary, when it comes time to review and update your coverage and when we are aware of new programs that are offered to help you save money and live healthy on your Medicare plan. When needs change we are there to help with the changes. Since we work with all the major companies, we can help you choose the best plan for you.  We are also in the community making a difference educating seniors on important issues.  We want you to be our client for life!

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Unparalleled Insurance Services

Brokers are required to hold an insurance producer license in the state where they reside and any state they wish to enroll and serve clients. We look for Friendly brokers who have the mindset of a social worker. We welcome all that want to build a small business or grow to an agency.  Being a Friendly agent means upholding our core values. We offer training and support to help you succeed. There are certifications that have to be updated every year to keep serving your current clients.

  1. Health insurance producer, Life insurance producer recommended

  2. AHIP Medicare Certification annually

  3. Medicare health insurance provider company certifications

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